Thursday, September 27, 2012

No internet, No Prob! Storey Threads gets Featured

Well that move I talked about, It happened, and it happened fast! I have been neck deep in packing, and then unpacking! We have also been, wait for it.... WITHOUT internet! Shocking, I know! So, Tired and overwhelmed, I'll be spending my weekend catching up on Storey Threads work, and doing a lot more unpacting. While my internet was down, I found out I was featured on this Lovely Blog!!!

Please check it out! XOAZUREEE

More to come on this blogger, and her amazing-ness once I get my mind unpacked! 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The how to: Make Vintage Modern

Ive developed a Store surrounding the idea of making vintage modern.
Most modern designers constantly mimic vintage patterns, textures, and concepts for their current lines. Why buy the ripped off version, when you could buy the original?

Storey Threads Vintage ankle pants $68
Miu Miu Fall 2012 Brocade pants-Price upon request

French connection Sequin Shorts $328
 Storey Threads 80s Sequin Shorts $48

House of Holland color Block jacket $655
Storey Threads color block jacket $48

Who wants to show up to an event wearing the same thing as someone else. Really, What girl does? No one!  And its even worse when you buy something, and then a week later you see you're friend  wearing the exact same piece. Go vintage, and you can stand out in a crowd, and still be current and trendy!
How do I make vintage modern, you might ask?
There are lots of different ways, and that's the fun part. Inventing your own style. I have freinds who wear only designer, but will rock a vintage tote or dress for a party. And on any given day, you'll see me boppin around town in a vintage dress or top or pants, but they are typically paired with a current piece. A nice pair of jeans, a striped top, and who doesn't want to wear some Jeffrey Cambells with almost any outfit, vintage or not?! 

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Our Lovely Bathroom

This is by far, the most beautiful Bathroom ever. I am in love with it. Im not used to these cold northeastern nights, so I am really enjoying the huge claw foot tub every night with a nice cup of tea and a good book, (or Vogue).
Things are starting to get pretty crazy with the upcoming move, so this may be my last house tour post until I get the new place together. Hopefully Ill be able to get some fun candid shots of the move... I wish with all my heart I had a film crew during these times! Move over all other reality TV, The Storey crew will crush you! Jimi and I communicate strictly through teasing, yelling or singing. Even if we're not mad, we yell, and even though we have terrible voices, we have a running commentary through song as we go about our days. We think its pretty fun, our neighbors have started closing their windows since we arrived...

Ill miss this bathroom. But, onto the next adventure!

Antique rustic farm table refinished into a sink.

Im all about organizing, and this is a cheap way to do it! I use glass jars for everything, including food storage. Plastic is a big NoNo in my house.

Lovely Thrifted antique Mirror and brush set, and the most fantastic Vintage tub every!

#Vintagefarmtable #Vintagebathroom #antiquetub #Vintagemodernbathroom

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sometimes Its the Lil Things

I'm not a big make up person, well, I didn't USED to be a big make up person. If I really search my soul, take a gulp and be honest with myself,  I have stepped into the world of the almost 30 year old who basically can not step out of house without throwing on alil something. I was recently in a wedding, and had the joy of getting myself a few new goodies from Sephora .
Ive decided that if your over the age of 18, you should never have a photo taken without a few basic things.
 I am no make up guru, but a blind folded cat could even do this fresh faced look.

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Our Home-Lucas Room

We've Lived in 7 different homes throughout our marriage! That's right folks, 7! In case you didn't know, we've been married for alil less than 8 years. 8!!!! You do the math! Ive done it too many times to count!
Anyway, Ive taken great time and care to make each and every house feel like a home. Most of our 'looks', started out as anything random almost anyone was getting rid of, strategically embellished with fringed shawls and other random thrifted goodness to create a quirky and fun environment. Those where the good ol' days! I still carry a lot of those treasures with me today, but am trying to create alil more of a cohesive theme, so as not to pull every single one of hairs out. My children's quirky 'style',  I.E complete and utter chaos, has made me reevaluate my style, into something along the lines of clean, and simple. These 2 sides will always fight it out, and cause countless redecoration projects in my home!
Back to the post at hand! We are dangerously close to moving AGAIN, and I wanted to capture some of the rooms I love in our current home. First up, is my lil Lucas room. Shes oh so girly, and so my color palate is basically pink. Just pink... No need to dabble in any other color!

Schoenhut Grand Piano

Melissa and Doug Wooden Castle

Every little girl should have an american girl doll, and thanks to Aunti Kcart, Luca has 3!

Lucas sweet Magnolia the Bunny +Ballerina Blabla Doll 

Looks like someone found the candy stash, and must have devoured it during quiet time...

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Friday, September 14, 2012

Storey Threads

For those of you who know me well, you know Ive had a love of vintage and thrifting forever. Perhaps it goes back to my roots of being, well, poor! Shopping at thrifts stores from the time I was young for school clothes and house wares became an exciting challenge. How to be myself, and stand out, while still being "cool" (although when I look back on my middle school and high school years, I was far from that! haha) for about $25 for the entire school year!
My love of thrifting was only encouraged by a family that took me under their wing and tirelessly cheered me on. To this day, Mrs. A will take me into her Fantastic closet full of vintage treasures and dress me up for the day, or add an incredible piece of jewelry to finalized my outfit. Vintage aside, Id never be the woman, wife, mom and friend I am today without the constant undying love of these people. ( Don't blame them for all my faults!) They will forever be my heart, and I owe my life to them. Thank you Acopian Family for making alil wreck-loose like myself, part of you, and above all teaching me loyalty. I hope be half as great in love as you guys are.

Ive recently Opened an online Vintage shop, so I can share my love of vintage with you, my freinds, and like minded vintage lovers. Please check it out-

Heres a few photos of us getting started, and whats currently for Sale!

A special thanks to Ben Stone for being so much more than a photographer. I could never have made this shop into the beautiful place it is without his endless help and support.

StoreyThreads Photo shoot
Naomi Storey: Owner, stylist, hair stylist, buyer, any lil thing I can jump into!
Phographer: Benjamin Stone, and everything I can not do, and even the things I can do,  he does better anyway!
Model:Alyse -

 Model:Alyse -
 Model: Megan
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Friday, August 10, 2012

I'll never tire of the 70's

InLove with the diversity of color and texture.
Coolest family photos ever! 

photographed by Bruce Weber