Friday, September 14, 2012

Storey Threads

For those of you who know me well, you know Ive had a love of vintage and thrifting forever. Perhaps it goes back to my roots of being, well, poor! Shopping at thrifts stores from the time I was young for school clothes and house wares became an exciting challenge. How to be myself, and stand out, while still being "cool" (although when I look back on my middle school and high school years, I was far from that! haha) for about $25 for the entire school year!
My love of thrifting was only encouraged by a family that took me under their wing and tirelessly cheered me on. To this day, Mrs. A will take me into her Fantastic closet full of vintage treasures and dress me up for the day, or add an incredible piece of jewelry to finalized my outfit. Vintage aside, Id never be the woman, wife, mom and friend I am today without the constant undying love of these people. ( Don't blame them for all my faults!) They will forever be my heart, and I owe my life to them. Thank you Acopian Family for making alil wreck-loose like myself, part of you, and above all teaching me loyalty. I hope be half as great in love as you guys are.

Ive recently Opened an online Vintage shop, so I can share my love of vintage with you, my freinds, and like minded vintage lovers. Please check it out-

Heres a few photos of us getting started, and whats currently for Sale!

A special thanks to Ben Stone for being so much more than a photographer. I could never have made this shop into the beautiful place it is without his endless help and support.

StoreyThreads Photo shoot
Naomi Storey: Owner, stylist, hair stylist, buyer, any lil thing I can jump into!
Phographer: Benjamin Stone, and everything I can not do, and even the things I can do,  he does better anyway!
Model:Alyse -

 Model:Alyse -
 Model: Megan
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