Monday, September 17, 2012

Our Home-Lucas Room

We've Lived in 7 different homes throughout our marriage! That's right folks, 7! In case you didn't know, we've been married for alil less than 8 years. 8!!!! You do the math! Ive done it too many times to count!
Anyway, Ive taken great time and care to make each and every house feel like a home. Most of our 'looks', started out as anything random almost anyone was getting rid of, strategically embellished with fringed shawls and other random thrifted goodness to create a quirky and fun environment. Those where the good ol' days! I still carry a lot of those treasures with me today, but am trying to create alil more of a cohesive theme, so as not to pull every single one of hairs out. My children's quirky 'style',  I.E complete and utter chaos, has made me reevaluate my style, into something along the lines of clean, and simple. These 2 sides will always fight it out, and cause countless redecoration projects in my home!
Back to the post at hand! We are dangerously close to moving AGAIN, and I wanted to capture some of the rooms I love in our current home. First up, is my lil Lucas room. Shes oh so girly, and so my color palate is basically pink. Just pink... No need to dabble in any other color!

Schoenhut Grand Piano

Melissa and Doug Wooden Castle

Every little girl should have an american girl doll, and thanks to Aunti Kcart, Luca has 3!

Lucas sweet Magnolia the Bunny +Ballerina Blabla Doll 

Looks like someone found the candy stash, and must have devoured it during quiet time...

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